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About Us

Khula EduTech specializes in providing technology solutions for schools. Our team of well skilled and experienced Education and Technology professionals offer customized solutions for various school environments. We believe that technology is a vital component in advancing education. We partner with schools to provide them with technological solutions that enhance functionality as well as teaching and learning..

Our Vision

For schools to be empowered to make technology an integral part of school functionality.

Our Mission

To empower schools with technology solutions that enable them to function more efficiently and enhance teaching and learning.

What We Do

We partner with schools to develop and maintain sustainable tech solutions.


We assess a school’s technological needs on site and provide customized solutions according to a schools requirements. We facilitate implementation of new systems, upgrades, enhancing existing infrastructure and integrating new technologies into existing infrastructure. We offer a full range of consulting services to help analyses a schools requirements.

Software Support

  • End User Training
  • Data capturing for reports and new enrollments
  • School timetabling¬†

Networking & Connectivity

  • Internet connectivity
  • Computer Lab networking
  • Admin Block networking
  • Domain & email registration
  • Webdesign

Hardware Support

  • Supply
  • Maintainance
  • Repairs.

Why Choose Us?

Out team comprised of well experiences professionals within both education and technology. They have a vast range of skills that enable us to create sustainable customized tech solutions.

There are no standard tech solutions because two schools are the same. We access and evaluate each school individually to create effective and efficient customized solutions.

We don’t just supply schools with products and services. We create sustainable projects and solutions that actually assist in teaching and learning. Technology can assist schools run function more efficiently. We want every school to use technology to its fullest potential.

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